Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My brain is dead. This happens every time after a hard work out. My mouth doesn't move right. My brain is fog. It's enough to ask my body to continue to breathe and pump blood... synapses firing in frontal lobe is an outrageous task to ask for. But I tell you what, I FEEL GOOD. "Blissing out" is what I call it.

I had half a turkey burger at Ruby Tuesday with my friend Holly last night. It was our singles night out. The sodium!!! I can feel it in my rings and socks. But this, like anything I put in my body, shall pass. <---poop joke for Allan. I have the other half sitting in the fridge right now. After I posted it to MFP, I saw how much sodium was in that thing... low (comparatively) in calories, but MAN. Salt monster. I think I'm tossing the other half. I'll stick with my cottage cheese and almonds for my salt intake. 

Today's menu 
Breakfast/preworkout: melaluca access bar (130 cal).
Post workout: banana (105 cal).
Lunch: Tuna sandwich on one slice bread. (300 cal).
Afternoon: chopped celery, hot house tomato, kiwi  (110 cal).
Dinner: chicken breast on spelt pasta w/ pesto. (500 cal).
Bedtime: Light creamy swiss - laughing cow, tea (100 cal).
 If I'm feeling needy... I can have a protein bar and not go crazy with the calories.

Big Fat Pee It Out Love,

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  1. I can feel a loss coming. You are doing good!


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