Friday, February 3, 2012

E2E #6

Weight: 319 (-4) p.s. WAHOOO!

Waist: 50" (+.5)

Food: Under 1900 all week.

Water: 3/7 over 100 oz.

Exercise: 5/7; 3x training, 1x couch to 5k, 1x self training.

Book: again, haven't been reading. But I've been reading a LOT of fat related articles this week.

Partner: Melissa is dong great... logging into MFP all the time and calling me out when I forget to submit my calories for the day.

Support: I've been browsing the blogs all week.

Quote: This is not a commitment to a challenge or a diet plan. This is a commitment to your body and a commitment to lifestyle change. This a commitment to a healthier tomorrow.

This week's challenges... 
- Keeping up the 2x a day blogging. 
- Stick to the menu (even though I can afford to go out now). 
- Pushing harder in the work outs (track them and beat my scores). 
- Read 2 books. 

Big Fat Check-in Love, 


  1. 4lbs is awesome!!! You have been working so hard these past 5 weeks and it is really showing.

    If you have money to eat out now try spending it on a few really nice treats at a place like Whole Foods. That way you have something other than the same ol' same ol' but it's still good for you and fit into this NEW LIFE of yours! Remind yourself that you have moved on and no longer feed your self the bad crap! You deserve the best!

  2. Wooohoo!! What a great loss for this week. So happy for you!

  3. You had a great week! I agree with Eaba about not eating out. The Whole Foods idea is much better to treat yourself to, because, you do not know what's in your food at restaurants. No matter what they post on their nutrition info. They make the food to taste good, which means too much butter and salt, to name a couple of things. Keep up the good work!

  4. Great job on the loss! Work it girl!!

  5. The scale is moving!!!! Remember when it was stuck? How great is this?

    Keep at it. I want to see a slim Nanette.... :D Singing her skinny heart out!

  6. Great Nanette, absolutely Awesome!!! Keep up the great work!!! Take care and have a blessed week!!


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