Saturday, February 25, 2012

E2E update

Weight: 320 (+3lbs).

Waist: 47 3/4" (-1/4")

Book: Better... I actually sat down and caught up on the 100 days of dieting. I tagged some daily entries that I'm going to go back and do.

Food: Uh... well, I didn't stick to plan. 5/7 under 1700 calories.

Water: 5/7... again, could be better paired with my SUPER SODIUM eating this week.

Exercise: 4/4 and I'm still sore.

Partner: Eaba is celebrating her hubby's birthday and faces the bar food of doom this weekend. But she also crossed her goal weight!

Okay... Let's talk about this food thing. I am not allowed to have feta in the house anymore. I love cheese and normally, I've got a handle on it. But feta just threw me over the edge. THE SALT! The delicious salt. The make-you-instantly-puffy salt!

This weeks' calories....

Saturday - 2151
Sunday -   933 + workout - self.
Monday  - 1651
Tuesday -  1351 + double workout
Wednesday - 1679 + workout
Thursday -   1257 + workout of death.
Friday -   1310
Saturday - 886 (so far).

So to better prep myself this week... I'm going to make the menu and grocery shop again. Since there's no going out, I will be able to avoid going over 2000 (that 2151 day was a lunch out followed by a dinner out).

Sarah and I have talked about the work out this upcoming week. We're going to take it a little lighter this week before trying to do the next HUGE challenge. The 1000 rep challenge.

I feel like I spend a lot of time whining about being sore or sick. But I feel like this last bout of soreness was my body restructuring my legs to adapt to these work outs. It's like my hyper extended knees are correcting.

TOM is over. I'm excited to see some movement in the negative direction. I got as high as 322 this week. I'm back on the birth control. My skin has been going NUTS over the last two months. So let's see if I can be on it and still see loss this time - as I highly suspect that the last 5 week plateau had a direct correlation to my BC.

Another goal this week, I've got to get back to a better sleeping pattern. I just woke up from my second 4 hour nap this week. I attribute it to staying up late and early mornings... plus sickness and soreness. Unconsciousness is my coping mechanism with that sort of discomfort. But I know if I keep it up, I'll start easing into a cozy depression.

Quote: This is not a commitment to a challenge or a diet plan. This is a commitment to your body and a commitment to lifestyle change. This a commitment to a healthier tomorrow.
So Goals...
- Continue Lent - no eating out.
- Midnight bedtime.
- Stick to the menu!
- Continue to hydrate fastidiously.
- Avoid the depression place.
- Do 300 pushups over the course of the week (prepping for the 500 push up challenge).

non-fat goals
- Read a couple books (and return them).
- Ship that box to my brother - Christmas presents, but he's finally done moving.
- Avoid spending money!

Big Fat Weekly Update Love,


  1. Better going next week.

  2. Your goals for next are certainly the best. I´m sure you´ll see a loss then. Sorry for the regain, but I´m sure it´s just water weight, with all that working out your doing it will be gone in no time. Keep your head high!

    P.S. You need to get rid of the "word verification" thingy. You´ll get more comments.

  3. I agree on the word verification thing from Betty. What a pain that is. Anyway - we just have to prepare to accept that when we choose poorly it just adds time to getting to our goals. We have all done it. You can't have feta cheese. I can't have wine. We do what we gotta do. Take care.

  4. Not eating out is a good goal. I always do better when I eat and home and know exactly what goes into my meals. Good luck and hang in there. I didn't really give anything up for lent. I didn't know about it in time to think of anything. Maybe next year.:)

  5. Not eating out is a great goal, I should do better on that!

    I also agree on the word verification!

  6. So a new week, new challenge and you will suceed. YOU WILL!!! No eating out seems to be the best bet for a lot of us. Take care and have a blessed week!!

  7. Birth control really screws with a girl..... hope this week is better for you.

  8. I hope, you are having a great week so far. You are so disciplined on exercise. I admire you for that. You are building up muscles and that is so important. That alone will help you to loose weight, just don't give up.
    Wish you all the best for this week.

  9. How are you feeling? Still have the snots?

    You are only 2lbs from your 50lb mark. I know you can get back to it, maybe even this week?!?

    I've noticed that the last 2 weeks I haven't worked-out as vigorously as I was in the beginning and my body actually seems to like that better and is letting the weight go in larger amounts. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying to start slacking or to stop what your doing but wit me I think I was working SO hard that my body was like WTF?!?!?!? Something has GOT to be wrong and was holding the weight for whatever disaster was making me burn that many calories!

    Who knows...just a thought!

  10. Eating out, yeah I need to go back to cutting that out. I usually only eat out on the weekends but I don't really need to... it didn't used to affect my losses cause I made good choices & that's been going downhill so time to nip it in the bud! You are doing well with all the exercise & such so you're probably right that the gain is related to the pills and probably your body getting used to the changes in activity and stuff. You'll break that soon, your body will regulate, it is possible to lose even while on the pill:-)

  11. I love the not eating out for Lent. I have that rule most of the time, anyway, just because I don't know what's in the food. But you'll save some $$ for sure. I'm glad you're in Allan's challenge, too.


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