Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today's workout...

Weighted switch lunges
Weighted squat jacks (jumping jacks while squatting)
Tricep dips
Competition sit ups (legs in butterfly position).

First round - 10 reps.
Second round - 9 reps.
Third round - 8 reps.... etc. etc. etc.

Let me just tell you... descending reps worked as such a motivator. "Come on, Nanette, you've already done ten. You can do nine." That kind of thinking really worked for me today. I used 20 lbs for the weighted lunge and 10 lbs for the squat jacks. Surprisingly enough, the hardest set was the 1 and 2 reps. It was more difficult to get off the floor and get into the next position than it was to do the actual moves.

It only took around 17 minutes. I was doing modifications. My trainer was doing elevated foot pushups and bringing one knee at a time to her chest. So it would be like *push up, knee, knee, push up* She's amazing. And for that reason alone did I beat her. I BEAT HER TIME by 6 seconds. Apparently I'm very good at sit ups. Under this flab I'm sporting a six pack! I'm sure of it!

Today is day one of no going out. It's funny how something isn't a temptation until you tell yourself you can't do it. heh. I've had three people text today wanting to do lunch. No. NO. NO! Not only that but I'm still feeling pretty short tempered with being ill and the commie invasion (TOM).

I'm staying in today. VERY in. Going to do the dishes. Eat some healthy food. Drink a metric shit ton of water.

All I want is a negative number on the scale by Saturday! 
Despite monday being a whopping 1400 calories and yesterday being 850 calories... my weight is UP. I'm assuming this has to do with salt. I've been having a lot of sodium-y things. In addition to alka seltzer (400mg of sodium a dose)...   I am so puffy I feel like I've taken a GRAND leap backwards on the weight loss train. Good-bye -50lb mark, it was lovely while it lasted. I'll see you again shortly.

Big Fat Puffy Love,


  1. My workout list is:

    walk: 50 minutes
    dumbbells: look at them lol!

  2. Your workouts really rock! I´m so amazed that the numbers are not going down. You deserve it!

  3. I agree with Betty, I was thinking the same thing as I read your workout list!!
    Hey, don't worry about the salt gain. After all, it's not "weight loss" we really want. It's Fat Loss, right? So that's just temporary. You've earned a loss, and it'll catch up with you, sooner or later. :-D

  4. I had a 2lb gain over night this week as well. I know it's hard to continue working hard when the scale is being a bitch! Hang in there and lets see what Saturday brings.


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