Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today's workout...

I'm stiff.

Workout Breakdown
550 Rep Fat Massacre
Time: 17: 10

Backward Lunge Kick Up - 25x per leg
Walk Over Push Up - 50x
Mountain Climber - 50x
Sumo Squats Knee Up - 50x
One Leg Bridge Leg Lift - 25x per leg
Side to Side Squat & Leg Lift - 50x
One Arm Tricep Push Up - 25x per arm
Star Crunch - 50x
Diagonal Touch Down - 25x per side
Side Plank Lift - 25x
One Leg Wall Sit - 25x per leg.

Now... I dropped about 30 reps in there. I just tried to keep up with Trainer. The last time she did this one, it took her 27 minutes. She shaved 10 minutes off her time. She's amazing. For Real.

My meal plan thingy didn't work out this week. It usually serves me well. And I haven't done poorly so far, but I was looking at it while packing my lunch today and thinking how little I followed it. I'm taking Allan up on his myfitnesspal challenge where anyone and everyone is welcome to encourage positive habits or criticize bad ones. I'm probably opening myself up for a whole world of brutal honesty...  and potentially bruised feelings. But alas... without adversity there's no way to grow.

I forgot about the juicing thing with Jillian that starts tomorrow. So I'm shopping in the morning so I can keep true to my support-ish promise. I'm only doing the weekend and I'm still eating my protein bars. My juice only fast didn't go so well last time when it came to working out...

Food is important and all... but I really feel like exercise has been giving me the quickest benefit (you know... 60/40).  So I won't do anything to compromise my ability to keep in motion. I've been loving the workouts. My spirits are so much higher. I feel like I can take on the world. Which is kind of paramount with the piano tests coming up and the packing for NY and just trying to muster up the courage to leap into the great unknown.

Big Fat Keep Going Love,

p.s. day 2 of 44 not going out. Doing well.

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