Thursday, February 9, 2012

Double Success!

Not only did I avoid eating out with my dear friend Brittany... But I also got her to join my work out. I'm a couple days behind on the February fitness challenge on So we did a fit test. That's 8 minutes: pushups, squat jumps, switch lunges, straight sit ups, burpees, tricep dips, high knees, aaaannnd one more I can't remember. Then I had us doing a 25 rep set of abs, both sides crunches, center, and lower (lifting knees).

I asked if she wanted to work out with me... I let her know it would only take 15 minutes or so.
She told me, "Sure, I'll bring my sweats."
"You may want to bring a sports bra too."

She didn't take me seriously. I showed her the work outs and told her if she wanted to modify she could. (p.s. non-scale victory, being able to DO at least one rep of all the stuff without modifications). She sort of rolled her eyes at me,"It's only 50 seconds per exercise, right?"

"Right." Then we hit the floor and started doing the reps.

It felt so good to be able ROCK that work out. It felt really good to share how hard it was. She was panting along with me... sweaty... working hard. She gave up early on a couple of rounds. It shouldn't give me satisfaction... but I definitely felt great being able to complete them all, going as hard as I can without giving up.

Brittany liked it a lot. The work out was a lot harder than she had imagined 15 minutes could be. It looks like I have a new willing work out buddy for when I'm without trainer. I work so much harder when I can compete.

Eaba asked for a more complete summary of the menu and work out for the week... I'll post a couple of days at a time.

B: Banana+blueberry+vanilla almond milk smoothie
S: Almonds
L: Portobello mushroom-crust veggie pizza.
S: Baby carrots, kiwi, steamed broccoli
D: Sushi Date
S: 1 c. cottage cheese.

B: French toast! (spelt bread, coconut oil, cinnamon and egg w/honey).
S: Banana or pear.
L: Baked chicken breast + steamed zucchini
S: Cucumber, Tomato, Celery
D: Baked 4oz salmon filet + edamame
S: small handful of cashews, mint tea

B: Grapefruit + blueberries.
S: protein bar
L: Spinach salad: almond slivers, dried cranberries, little bit of gorganzola, carrot, cuke, tomato + italian dressing.
S: Spelt toast with Adam's peanut butter.
D: Lean ground turkey with red bell peppers, cilantro, tomato and onion.
S: 1 c. cottage cheese.
(prep: bake 4 chicken breasts for next week's work lunches). 

And the workout... 
Friday: Self training (ZWOW 4 video on youtube if it's posted, if it's not, the bodyrock 300rep challenge since I only got 1/2 way through it).
Saturday: off - there will be much soreness.
Sunday: walk/run the couch to 5k. 8x - 1 min run, 1.5 min walk.
Monday: off
Tuesday: Swim class AND Personal trainer.
Wednesday: Personal trainer
Thursday: Swim class
Friday: Personal Trainer


  1. I feel tired just looking at your workout week! Good eating!

  2. Isn't it a great feeling when we figure out ways to get things done rather than talking ourselves out of it and then living with the regrets? I am so glad you have a workout buddy. I go to step aerobics with a friend and that gets me there on some mornings when I would have skipped it had she not been waiting on me to pick her up. Positive Mental Attitude will work for you and your friend!

  3. It always helps me to have my daughter come to work out with me. She is just in some pain right now from the colitis so she hasn't been able to come over. She is having testing on Monday morning though and we will know more about what is going on. Hopefully, it won't be something that will keep her from walking or being on her feet. The pain meds are making her tired so she doesn't feel like doing anything but sleeping. She is still working full time though so she gets exercise there. I hope we can get together soon and walk together. She is a great inspiration to me.

  4. Glad to hear you've found a workout buddy! Good job on the menu planning, my only question is are you getting enough calories? It looks like you are eating a lot but most of it is fruit or veggies and I know how low in calories they usually are.

  5. Great workout and your menu looks absolutely delicious!


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