Saturday, February 18, 2012

E2E Check in - midway!

Weight: 317 (-4lbs) 

Waist: 48" (-0") 

Food: 6/8 under 1950 (MFP caloric suggestion) 

Water: 4/7 over 100 oz

Exercise: 3/4 days. 

Partner: I think Eaba has been doing okay. She checked in with me yesterday. We're both on track. 

Support: Been commenting all week. 

I have been SO TERRIBLE at consistency this week... Let's just look at the calories.
Friday:          1,259
Saturday:      1,973
Sunday:        1,005
Monday:         901
Tuesday:      2,153
Wednesday: 1,085
Thursday:    1,918
Friday:         1,159

It looks like overcorrecting. What each day has in common is that I ate six times a day. I ate out on Valentine's Day. I ate out on Thursday. I don't know what the crap happened monday, but I think it was a vegetarian day. I ate a LOT, but just not much in calories.

I'm still under the weather... my tonsils are swelling up (not unusual, but annoying) and I feel like a puffy monster. Could it be all the alka seltzer I had yesterday? Those things are 400mg of sodium a packet. Learning experiences. Found out when I entered it on MFP yesterday... 4 times. It skyrocketed me over my daily limit of sodium - which is one of my hardest nutrients to keep in control.

Okay now that the self flagellation is over. I can celebrate, again, that I finally crossed the 50lb mark! WOOO!!! Crossed and then some. Sitting pretty at -51 total lbs. I can't wait for it to be -55 at the end of next week. (Though I suspect rough times ahead - nearing the commie invasion/TOM).

January 325
February 317

Cool thing about these photos, I've moved down a full size work out pant. (you can see lower fat better that way). I don't see much difference in these photos... which is a little disheartening, but the real show is when the challenge is over. 

What I'm noticing in my body lately is that my sides and back are kinda smoothing out. I'm getting more loose skin everywhere and my stretch marks are relaxing... (aka, not stretched anymore). However, I notice that I'm feeling like a sag monster from outer space. I've been thinking a lot about how I'm probably going to need skin reduction in another 100lbs or so. 

I keep telling myself that, even since the beginning of the challenge, "oh just another 100lbs or so." I'm already down fifty... but the goal is still 100lbs away. I just know I wouldn't be happy with stopping at 268. I could easily get down into the 190's - or lower. 

Another good thing... I told myself that I would start doing certain types of exercise (jumping, running, pushups) when I got out of my 300's because I'm terrified of injury, I worry running/gravitational exercise will pull down on my skin and make it worse, and because I hate the sound fat makes when it hits other fat. Well, here's the thing. I'm over 300lbs and been running. Been jumping, been doing pushups. And let me tell you, If I didn't, I probably wouldn't be this close to getting out of the 300's. 

Quote: This is not a commitment to a challenge or a diet plan. This is a commitment to your body and a commitment to lifestyle change. This a commitment to a healthier tomorrow.

This Week:

Food: Under 1700 calories every day. EVERY DAY. Follow the menu.

Saturday: Rest/Sick Day continues
Sunday: Go on a walk! 
Monday: OFF - do stretches. 
Tuesday: Trainer + swim class.
Wednesday: Trainer
Thursday: Swim class + trainer
Friday: OFF - do stretches. 

non-fat goals
finish two more books.
budget this week's paycheck better. 
do something artistic.
get better. 

Big Fat -51LB Love,


  1. I can tell a difference in the pictures. This is a lifestyle change and one that must be permanent I tell myself all the time. This is how I live and eat now. Getting out of the 300's will be such as encouragement I am sure and something to look forward to. Just stay calm and at peace with the process. Success will be yours.

  2. Congratulations on reaching 50lbs gone!! I've heard from folks that have lost 100lbs that they started doing toning exercises from the start and that once they had reached their goal, it took them about 2 more years of toning and strengthening but they were able to get rid of most of the excess droopy skin. They hydrated sufficiently and moisturized regularly.

    Keep working your plan! Here's to success!

  3. Good for you. You know...that even your Tuesday calories is just over what is considered the needed daily calories for a normal person ("they" say it's about 2000), so take heart from that.

    Good on ya!!

  4. Keep up the great work Nanette. You really are doing great. Your booty is so much smaller. I can really tell you are working hard. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  5. Congrats on recrossing the milestone mark and I know you'll make it to the 100 lbs lost!! The loose skin is tough. Tough. It's one of those things we just have to deal with, cause we did stretch things out. Maybe your youth will help. For me, I did my loss late in life, so things ain't gonna snap back. I will be crinkled like a SharPei until I life is better with the crinkles and NOT obese.

    So, keep that in mind. Get to NOT obese and live a longer, better life, and worry about what the skin will do in its own time....


  6. Yah!! You reached 50 lbs. And that´s great! I can see you at below 300 already. You can do it!

  7. 50lbs!!!!!! YES!! Celebrate!!! So proud of you for your exercise!! Keep it up!! The calorie thing. I really really struggle with keeping it even!! One day 900 the next 2000. Gotta keep working on it!!!

  8. Great, Nanette! 50 lbs is a great accommplishment! So proud of you! You always have great insights on what works! Hope to get to the 50 lbs mark within the next year as well!


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