Friday, February 3, 2012

Body budget

Good Morning!

Just finished my work out on my own. I couldn't make it through all the reps she did without modifying. But I made it through the pyramid! 5-10-15 all those were done without modification!!! the returning 10-5 had had to sissy out and go halfsies.

I have not been very good about water this week. I'm a little worried that I'll see it on the scale. I can feel the puffiness in my fingers and around my socks (always can tell when I'm retaining water after a work out). But I tell you what I have been good at! My work outs!

Saturday - self training.
Sunday - interval running.
Monday - break.
Tuesday - trainer
Wednesday - trainer
Thursday - break.
Friday - self-training. 

Food has been great... Under calories every day. MFP says I can have up to 1980 calories a day and be losing 2lbs a week. However, I'm really tired of doing what MFP tells me and then not seeing results. So I've been staying well beneath that.

Friday - 1700
Saturday - 1300
Sunday - 1400
Monday - 1550
Tuesday - 1200
Wednesday - 1650
Thursday - 1300
Friday - TBD
I've been consuming lots of fruits and vegetables. I haven't been really stomach hungry except for last night because I didn't pack enough food for the long day yesterday. High fiber, high protein. I'm hoping that I'm building some stinking muscle because the scale has been fluctuating all over the place this week from as low as 319 to as high as 326.

Last week's -8lb success is something I really wanted to repeat this time. But I don't think it's plausible. I'm crossing my fingers for a 2lb loss. The difference between last week and the weeks prior... this week I stuck to the eating plan 110%. I even cut out additional grains and sugars - there was an incident with chocolate chips last week. But last week's workouts were harder... like body tremors hard. This week they're a bit more aerobic.

Real e2e post after I shower and stuff.

Big fat week evaluation love,


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