Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good day!

Today is a good day. :)

I didn't have a work out today. Today is rest day. Mainly because Thursdays are packed with stuff to do.

I'm teaching voice lessons again. It's not terrible. It's not the student who thought I was a horrible teacher from last semester either. This girl is 15. She tries so hard. She practices. She knows that I can't flip a switch to fix her vocal issues. It's nice to be teaching her again... even if she can't read fast enough to sing in rhythm. There's a lot of memorizing happening as we go.

I also got my piano practicing in today... I promised myself I would do it at least once this week to remove the stress I feel about it. The practice room is approachable. The piano is not a big scary monster. The piece is only 2 pages long. Nothing lights up or snickers when you're wrong. Baby steps, Nanette. Baby steps. I still can't play the piece hands together yet, but the chords are getting a little more comfortable in my left hand (aka - might-as-well-be-a-hook hand).

I packed a bunch of food at the beginning of the day; banana, chicken breast, chopped up cucumber, sliced tomato, orange, pear, protein bar. It's almost enough to last the day. I'm down to the pear and the orange. But I'm waiting until 8 to eat them since I don't get off work until 10. This way I get to cook something hearty and then think about going to bed...

Sarah cancelled our training tomorrow. We've had so little snow this year, she's trying to ski while the resort will allow her. So I've gotta do a work out at my place tomorrow... all by myself. I've only done the interval stuff once by myself. But once is enough to get rid of insecurity and tentativity (yup, invented that word). This is the video for tomorrow.... I'm going to have to do fewer reps... but I'm gonna DO IT.

Big Fat Tomorrow will be hurting Love,

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