Wednesday, February 15, 2012

midweek E2E

Things are going great...   Working out to the point of death. Eating well. I've fallen completely off the wagon when it comes to reading my book, but does that count as doing poorly when the mass that is my body decreases?

Mid week very short term goals.
- Finish the two books I borrowed from my coworker.
- Drink more stinking water.
- Get some laundry done.
- Continue to eat according to menu.
- Post 2 motivational quotes, pictures or something around my apartment. 

I didn't stick to my menu today... But I've eaten fewer calories than I had allotted myself. I didn't feel up to making pasta... But I definitely ate a two more cheese wedges. I'm currently sitting at 728 calories and it's 8:52pm. I'll be making dinner when I get home around 10pm. 

Also good...   I have a date Friday. Nothing serious. Just a lovely date with a kinda stranger (friend of a friend, that went to sushi with us last Friday).

Big Fat Midweek Love,


  1. Good job, Nanette. I was short on reading this week too but I'm trying to make up for it now. My spirits need a lift so I'm reading some inspirational books. Hang in there. :)

  2. Go Nanette!! I had to grin...dishes and laundry are on my to-do list EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

  3. You're a reader, aren't you? Fun books are easier to keep committed to I guess... just keep going! *Working out to the point of death* - haha, that is the truth of it sometimes!

    1. I do LOVE reading... but things marked "inspirational/self help" on the back usually cause some bile to rise. Novels, no problem. Memoirs, no issue. Marketing analysis and research (see malcom gladwell), bring it. But these diet books, sheesh. I'm trying to stay open minded particularly since I'm not REALLY their demographic (yo-yo dieter, over 30 and highly emotional). Or maybe I'm kinda bad at picking diet books.

  4. I agree. Self help books are not really my thing either. I read the " Hunger games" on vacation and loved it. Can't to start the second. Glad you are doing so good! Enjoy your date!

  5. I wish I had the time to read more or could stay awake longer like I use too. Maybe one day.
    Glad all is going great Nanette. Keep up the awesome work. Blessings my friend!!


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