Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's a system!

I used up the last of three bottles of vitamins yesterday! I consider it an accomplishment, since I have not been able to commit to a vitamin supplement for an entire bottle before. So I went and bought replacements (instead of buying candy/food). But I've come up with a system. You know how a pharmacist will give those week long vitamin/pill organizers? I came up with a collegiate version.

Also, finished making the week long menu. I've had a couple locals asking me for what I'm eating . I figured I'd share. It seems to be working! :) 

Click on it... it'll get bigger. 
As long as I stick to it, I'll be fine. Please notice there is NO DARK CHOCOLATE on that list. I've had a little trouble with that the last couple of days. Life has been fluids, vitamins and dark chocolate... I'm starting to feel better, still a whole lot of post-nasal drip. 

I got a short walk in yesterday, maybe a mile). But I'm going out again today and then doing a brief work out set. 
  • Crunches 50 sec 
  • Push ups 50 sec
  • Crunches (side) 50 sec each side. 
  • High Knees SLOW 50 sec
  • Tricep dips 50 sec
I'm cooking dinner for a friend and his boyfriend tonight. On the menu, baked chicken breasts w/ herbed potatoes and roasted vegetables and a baked apple w/ cinnamon for dessert. 

Big Fat Gettin' Better Love, 


  1. Logging you food is a good idea. I need to make some kind of plan for my supplements. I haven't been as religious with them as I was first out of surgery. I need to get back on track in every way.

  2. Alright...put me down for Dinner on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night. What time do I need to be there lol!

  3. Fun way to get in those supplements! LOL!! I have a very hard time taking pills, I have to force myself to take my thyroid meds and that's teeny-tiny compaired to vitamins! I used to do a vitamin drink so that shot glass idea would have been perfect for that!! Way to be on that menu planning, I should be so organized!


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