Sunday, February 12, 2012


So... things are over with the boy. He found a girl up at BYU-I that's a better potential mother to his children and that wants to get married in the temple. I'm undecided about the whole thing... as I kinda felt like a placeholder, but it was very lovely while it lasted. I've thought some very catty things. But I would never say or text them.

But here are some really good things about it...

  • I can leave to NY unattached. 
  • He broke my streak of dating crappy guys. 
  • I can date lots again! In my town! 
  • I don't have to worry about his guilt thing.
He's still a very kind and great guy. And new girl is very lucky to have him. 

Since my feelings are very confused, at least there's been no emotional eating. I've got to sit down and make my menu today and shop for it. I want to spend the rest of my budget so I can't be tempted to eat out on friday. I went out for sushi with friends this friday, but I did very well, veggie roll, stir fried veg and a salad. for a whopping 600(ish) calories. But that's still more than I consume in one sitting. 600 is okay for a person who eats 3x a day. I eat 6 mini meals. They have to hover between 200-300 calories. So when I go out, I have to adjust food for the rest of the day. 

My piano lesson has been bumped to today. I only practiced once this week. So I have guilt. However, if I skipped the lesson, that's one more session of not being in front of a piano. Sometimes I need another person to rely on me to actually get me to do something - practice, show up. 

Maybe I'm feeling sad? That's unusual, I usually fluctuate between defensive, angry, motivated/gung-ho and amused. Yeah... let's go with sad for today. I can make that a productive emotion. 

Big Fat Sad Love, 


  1. Well done on not eating over it.

    Sorry that you are feeling sad about it, break ups are tough. Hang in there.

    - and think all the catty things that you like, nothing wrong with that ;-)

  2. Sorry about the boy... it always sucks to see a relationship come to an end. I'm proud of you for not emo-eating! I know that's one of my stumbling blocks.

  3. I am sorry you are feeling sad. I have been there with a mix of a few good boys, and a few bad boys in between. Dating can be fun, but it is mostly annoying. Once you figure out what you want, go for it full force and you will be blessed! Hang in there!

    Great for sticking to good eating when it would be really easy to eat bad. I could tell you all about it. Today I ate terrible, and yes, I am paying for it!!!!!
    Hope your week is happy!

  4. NY is fun when single.. When ya coming..

  5. Sad is okay, because it gets to be happy again soon.

  6. Oh no, sorry to hear about the boy! So close to Valentine's day. If you wanna chat, send me a text. Kudos for not binging, you're a better weight-loss blogger than I! Thoughts are with you girlie <3


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