Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tough Tuesday

Still sick. It's getting worse... But I still suspect it being just a nasty old common cold. Could be the beginning of a sinus infection... but the boogers are clear, produced and draining en masse. This weekend is Audition Day at the music department. So I have to be well enough to run that by Saturday.

Despite being sick, the food is going as planned thus far today. Fluid intake is above average. AND I got two whole work outs in. 50 minute aquacise class and 10 minutes interval weight training. Less time than normal, but due to scheduling conflicts... I'm meeting with my trainer Tues, Wed, Thurs - in addition to doing the swim class twice a week. So no breaks. Double work outs. Balls to the wall all the way.

I called it a day at early at work today. And now...   a nap of epic proportions before the next job starts. I can't wait to feel normal again.

Big Fat Impatiently Ill Love,


  1. Uh huh.... keep those fluids up and stay well rested. You'll beat this little bug. Take care.

  2. Sorry your still under the weather... When I'm sick all I want to do is eat. Good for you for sticking to the plan and not caving because you don't feel well.

  3. Oh you poor poor baby...let me make some lowfat, veggie rich soup for you!!


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